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Parks - Boxing - Carrying bags

Give style and appearance to your friend and yourself. Carry your dog in beautiful bags. Ideal for you who want to be discreet and not deprive any space and no means of transportation, but at the same time you want to be beautiful and stylish. You will also find restraint and boxing parks.


The Dangerouge bag

Made of synthetic leather and metal ....

Base price: 120,00 €
Sales price: 120,00 €

Transport Boxing - SAFARI

Transport box .....

Base price: 42,00 €
Sales price: 42,00 €

Transfer Box - LUXURIOUS

Transport box ....

Base price: 42,00 €
Sales price: 42,00 €

Folding octagonal metal park

Suitable to restrict your dog ....

Base price: 75,00 €
Sales price: 75,00 €

Folding metal park Colorful

Folding metal park for restraint ......

Base price: 30,00 €
Sales price: 30,00 €

Folding metal park Black

Folding metal park for fencing and dog training.

Base price: 45,00 €
Sales price: 45,00 €