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Zouzou's Collection


Handmade Dog Bows and accessories

«Zouzou's Collection» was created in order to look after the needs of our four-legged friends along with their appearance.
Following the acquisition of our beloved Zouzou - (female Shih Tzu) - which is now officially a member of our family, we decided to deal with the dog bows and dog accessories, with love and passion for what we do so the result is the expected one.
Two years later, your love and preference made us famous around the world, and also more responsible to always try to keep up your expectations and requirements.
In our eshop, you will find Beautiful handmade bows, collars, pectorals, clothes, beds, brushes, combs, bowls, and many other products, all made with love and passion to make happy you and your little friends.
We want you to know that we have endless amounts of imagination and passion for what we do and everything that ships from us will always have our unique personal touch so that it is always something "special" for you and your beloved "friend".

So thank you for your preference and love and we promise that we will always strive for the best... so our precious friends will be happy ... and this to be noticeable...!!!!!!!!