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Manos Mantzas Written by Published in Latest News Publish 31 March 2015 Read 378 times
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Doggy trod alone 2880 km distance from the u.s. side, one to the other!
A small Yorkshire Terrier, crossed the distance of 2880 km, from one side of the U.S. on the other, completely alone! The puppy left from Arizona and reached up to Wisconsin, where he found someone, the skanare for microchip and to the surprise and joy of its owner, found it! The owner and he made the long journey to go to pick up the dog, because he did not want to travel in the baggage compartment of the plane. Another story had a happy ending because of microchip pet identification.


Manos Mantzas Written by Published in Latest News Publish 17 February 2015 Read 461 times
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