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Manos Mantzas Written by Published in Latest News Publish 17 February 2015 Read 432 times
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logoWelcome to our new website. has had an extreme makeover. The new site has an improved design, is more secure and is more product oriented, in order to maximize user experience. The new site also, supports online orders, so you can order directly and save the call to us. It is also responsive, which means that it has perfect functionality and appearance on your smart phone or tablet. However, during the transition, we had to delete most of the subscribers. If by any chance you were registered and cannot login any longer, you need to register again. We are sorry for the incovenience. We hope you enjoy the new website and we are waiting for your suggestions and comments. Please contact us for any suggestion, question, clarification, or comment, from the contact form. We would be happy to know what you think and also answer to your questions.

Manos Mantzas

Manos Mantzas studied Information Technology at Washington International University. He has worked in many countries and has undertaken many projects, with great results, for many companies, such as Telecom Italia, TIM, Atlas Copco and others. His areas of expertise include SEO, SEM, Web Marketing, Competition Analysis, Social Networks Development and Marketing, e-commerce, Conversion, Analytics and others. He is always ready to help, co-operative, full of positive energy and highly motivated. He enjoys Basketball, Tennis, Cycling, plays the guitar and loves to cook. He has a beautiful Shih Tsu named Candy.

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