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Pork & Apple Sausages (70g)

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ManufacturerLily's Kitchen
A bag of small sausages full ....

A bag of small sausages full of irresistible, right meat, that will make you have the most happy tail shakes !!! Made with freshly cooked pork and air-dried for a satisfactorily chewy texture, these delicious sausage snacks are full of valuable protein for a simply delicious, natural treat. Ideal for training, between meals or επειδή just because. These tempting delicacies are made with a recipe without natural cereal ingredients and without additional harmful elements - so your furry family can enjoy them every day. Mix and match our pocket-sized bags to find the perfect fun time for your dog. Diet instructions: Up to 5 per day. Always make sure a bowl of fresh water is available. We like to keep our four-legged friends in shape and healthy, so it is best not to feed them too many treats. Always monitor your dog when he eats a treat. (Excited dogs can sometimes forget to chew!)

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